Design Service


Add character and value to your home with Louise Ann Interior Design.  

Louise Ann will create a stunning Interior for your home that reflects your lifestyle and personality.  This can be for a single room, multiple rooms or your entire house.

It includes:

  • Moodboards
  • Spatial planning (floor and furniture layouts)
  • Decorative schemes (fabrics, papers, paints, furniture and flooring)
  • Lighting ideas
  • Sourcing (ideas, shopping, placing orders, monitoring progress)
  • Appointing and Overseeing Trade Work


How does it work? A three step process

1. Meeting, Planning and Designing. 

2. Sourcing Items, Appointing Trade, Monitoring Progress and keeping you Updated

3. Installation and Finishing Touches.


Face to Face Creative Coaching for home Interior Design

by Louise Ann

“An empty room is a story waiting to happen and you are the author.” Charlotte Moss 

Creative Coaching for home Interior Design is a fun new concept developed by Louise Ann. Providing a motivating and creative environment for you to explore how YOU want your home to look and feel.

In the comfort of your home at a time to suit you, using coaching techniques, you will be supported to identify and develop your unique personal style and establish how you might achieve a functional aspirational design to suit your lifestyle and budget.  

You will be helped to commit to a plan of action and have a sounding-board for your experiences. You will be given the personal space that you need to grow and develop in confidence with the support of an interior designer to guide you. You will be encouraged to maintain the motivation and commitment needed to achieve your interior design goal.

The final result will be a carefully considered space that appeals to your own sense of style, where you can feel connected, happy and proud of your achievements.